Pat Williams

Michael Mink is a veteran profiler of successful leaders in all fields. He has powerful insights into the common success traits of all victorious people. When Michael writes or speaks, pay close attention. You will come away enriched and challenged.

Pat Williams
Orlando Magic senior vice president /Author of 100’s of books on leadership
Bob Vanourek

Michael Mink is an extraordinary talent. He’s what you are gifted when you mix a veteran news writer with a curious mind, who has studied and interviewed the best leaders of history, distilling their secrets into pithy, powerful precepts to help you succeed. His repertoire of great quotes is a treasure. Whether learning the principles of great writing, or listening to him reveal great leadership insights, your time with Michael Mink will be priceless.

Bob Vanourek
5-times corporate CEO, award-winning author, and inspirational speaker
Steve Jamison

Michael Mink has mastered the art of writing in a manner that is substantive, easy to read, and quotable. That’s the trifecta for putting together a column or essay that gets eyeballs on the page and keeps them there. In his sweet spot – business, sports, and leadership in both – his writing ranks among the best, consistently top notch.

I’ve had the good fortune to be interviewed a few times by Michael about best-selling books that I collaborated on with legendary UCLA Coach John Wooden and San Francisco 49er Super Bowl coach Bill Walsh. I found the experience interesting because there was no free pass, easy questions, or a ‘fluff peace’ approach in his interview. Rather, there was a desire to get at the core of what was written, how it was done and what it meant. Reading the results later in a column when it was published sometimes even gave me new insights on the books – and I was the author.

That’s what a good writer and researcher can do. And Michael does it. 

Steve Jamison
Best-selling author of books on John Wooden and Bill Walsh
Gail Goodrich

Michael Mink’s writings open a window into the unique thought process of successful leaders. His subjects are individuals whose excellence has made a valuable contribution to our society. Michael educates the reader: He highlights traits that are common to great accomplishments and outstanding performances. His writing presents a cohesive and well-edited story that the reader will always find both interesting and enlightening.

Gail Goodrich
Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame inductee
Bart Barker

Michael Mink is a treasure. I hired him to write some content for a web site.
Little did I know how capable and broad his abilities were.
Our consumer website project went from having a revision to a completely new site and
then a second website for agents. Both sites included video content featuring myself,
my wife, our team as well as colleagues and clients.
Michael wrote new written content and produced the new video content from beginning
to end as well for both websites, including design and production.
Michael took the time to assess my needs before moving forward. Doing so allowed
him to be considerably more efficient with his time and mine. In addition to making my
ideas reality, Michael added tremendous value by suggesting complementary aspects
that I didn’t even consider.
The best part though was the execution. Michael handled it all. He vetted all the players
to make it happen and supervised the production. I was able to continue to focus on the
running of my business, while Michael handled the rest.
I whole heartedly recommend working with Michael Mink, he’ll get the job done. I’m a
very satisfied customer.

Bart Baker
Co-Founder/ B.W. Baker Insurance Services
Malibu, Ca
Deborah Shames

Michael Mink is an outstanding writer. Michael partners with you to bring your
company's story to life across all media platforms.

Deborah Shames
Co-founder/ Eloqui
James Kuhn

Your article on Reagan and Leadership was quite distinct, deeply researched and eloquently written. President Reagan would have totally embraced this great piece while applauding your outstanding work. It has been excellent to be in communication with you.

James F. Kuhn
Personal and Executive Assistant to President Ronald Reagan
Author of "Ronald Reagan In Private."
John McMurray

Michael Mink has been such a prolific writer of profiles for Investor's Business Daily that readers quickly recognize his byline and his style. Yet, beyond the depth of his research and his inquisitiveness, Michael is skilled at conceptualizing a story and structuring it in such a way that readers will be drawn in.

Michael has proven himself to be adept at writing meticulously-prepared profiles of major figures, ranging from U.S. presidents to inventors to business leaders. I have enjoyed reading his profiles of baseball personalities, including of renowned Los Angeles Dodgers personality Vin Scully and would recommend his work highly. 

John McMurray
Chair of the Oral History Committee of the Society for American Baseball Research 
Harlan Steinbaum

I had an interview with Michael Mink for an Investor’s Business Daily article he was writing. He is an extremely talented and perceptive writer. His work is not only interesting to read but his questions were perceptive and on point. His knowledge of management principles and processes were very impressive. Michael seemed to anticipate what I was thinking and what I had hoped to get across to the reader about principles of leadership and ethics.

Harlan Steinbaum
Former chairman of Express Scripts, a Fortune 500 company.
Don Klosterman

I had the pleasure of working with Michael Mink on a story that dug deep into the personality and inner motivations of a client and his quest to launch a new company. Michael has an uncanny manner of getting another level of human interest out of his subjects that one doesn't normally see from business reporters in this day and age. He's a true pro.

Don Klosterman
Klosterman Marketing Communications
Janice Woods

If you are like me, writing is not second nature. I am a communicator with words, body language and creative thinking. Writing for me is nearly painful. Which is ironic that I am writing to speak to Michael’s sharply tuned ability to craft a story better than anyone I have ever met. I admire this and covet this talent. If you seek a colorful, plain speaking and easy to comprehend writer for any type of work…speak to Michael. He will make sense of and bring your “thing” to life like no one can. He truly is…. the master.

Janice Woods
President, Janice Media Inc. 

Jeffrey Fox

Michael Mink’s leadership presentation was thoughtful; informative; engaging; and entertaining. Very good.

Jeffrey J. Fox
Fox & Company, Inc.
Tracy Martin

I immediately felt at ease when Michael began to speak about writing. He simplified the concept of writing immediately, which made it attainable for me. He then motivated and inspired me to write about anything I chose to. I felt confident, after listening to Michael speak, that I had a story inside of me to tell. I also learned what structure I needed to apply to my writing.

Tracy Martin
Actress, Your Hollywood Coach, Inc.
Christopher Salvaggio

Michael, I wanted to share with you how much I enjoyed your presentation and how I felt very aligned to your lessons on leadership.  

Chris Christopher A. Salvaggio
Director of Finance, Knox Company, Phoenix, AZ 
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