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Latest Business/Leadership Articles by Michael Mink for Investor’s Business Daily (IBD) and MBC

MBC Food for Thought Quote of the Week

"If you have an important point to make, don't try to be subtle or clever. Use a pile driver. Hit the point once. Then come back and hit it again. Then hit it a third time."

- Winston Churchill, British Prime Minister who led his country through World War II

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We'll help you effectively communicate who you are and what makes your business unique. Present yourself professionally, memorably and successfully with help from Mink Business Communications.

What MBC Can Do For You

Mink Business Communications (MBC) specializes in strategic written and video communications for you and your business.

MBC is dedicated to strategically presenting your story by demonstrating what makes you successful and your company unique. Potential clients and current ones will understand better why they'll benefit from a business relationship with you.

MBC founder and president Michael Mink has spent almost 13 years writing for Investor's Business Daily, a leading daily national publication. Between his IBD work and two books he's co-authored, Michael Mink has written over 335 profiles and some 40 book chapters on the most successful men and women in our time. He has relentlessly focused on uncovering their success principles and life lessons, then presenting them so readers clearly understand how to incorporate them into their own lives.

Mink Business Communications goes beyond what your bio, resume and executive summary is to show who you are business-wise, what your values and ethics are, why you're successful and how you'll benefit clients.

Mink Business Communications guarantees its work. It's really very simple. Whatever your MBC project is, it isn't completed until it's done so to your satisfaction and ours. End of story.


Mink Executive Business Profiles

Successful business relationships are built on personal trust. Let your prospective clients know who you are with a Mink Executive Business Profile.

What is a Mink Executive Business Profile? It's a strategic 1000-1200 word profile of you, the business person that everyone should know about. With our proven experience, your profile will show why you're successful while reading like a compelling business magazine feature story.

What's the benefit of a Mink Executive Business Profile? Most important, it demonstrates to potential clients and current ones alike why you're successful, what your business values and ethics are, why they should do business with you, and how you'll benefit them.

The end result is a profile that will motivate potential clients to want to meet with you. And that means business, because your best selling point in business, is you.

Why do you need a Mink Executive Business Profile? To help you stand out from the competition beyond bios and resumes.

How is a Mink Executive Business Profile created? By in-depth strategic interviews with you. Then we write and write until it's right.

How do I utilize a Mink Executive Business Profile? As a strategic compliment to your bio, resume and through your social media presence, among other things.

MBC Business Writing Improvement Workshop

"A work is perfectly finished only when nothing can be added to it and nothing taken away."
Joseph Joubert, writer

Consider this: A high percentage of your daily business communication is done through writing. This includes proposals, reports, correspondence with customers and employees, right down to the emails that might make up the bulk of everyday business communication.

While the ideal form of communication is face to face, that option isn’t always or even usually, available. Therefore, the critical importance of communicating with absolute clarity in writing is paramount in business.

It pays to always be improving your company’s overall writing skills. Let us help you do that quickly, easily, and efficiently.